Power. Cardio. Core. Repeat.

This is a full training program. Our six week sessions work every muscle in your body. Every day of the week is a different focus and we are gaining pure strength and stamina. Daily we are hitting your core, your arms, your butt, your legs, your back – everything gets worked and worked HARD. Each day we change the routine so that your body never gets bored, never plateaus and is always working at its maximum energy output. We keep the muscles working as effectively as possible. This in turn – sculpts your entire body!

At Sweat Sessions, we constantly change up the workouts to challenge your body, expand your mind, prevent plateaus, recruit high-vibe energy, and promote max efficiency--amazing things happen when we trick our muscles! Each intense session will offer your body new challenges to master, thus preventing the formation of habits as we wake up the body and cells up with a new highly crafted sequence of exercises. We have Power Cardio days that work your entire body, torch calories, blast fat, and build strength and stamina; Cardio Sculpt days to tone and tighten trouble areas, Cardio Core days to build a killer core, and Cardio Tone days rev your metabolism and hit every single muscle in your body.


Sweat Sessions founder, Heather Burlison, has over 1000 hour of professional Yoga training from some of the world’s most renowned yogis. She has witnessed firsthand the power its regular practice has on strengthening the body and mind and promoting overall balance and wellness. So, she incorporates yogic activating kriyas (series of posture, breath and sound) into the sessions in order to cleanse and detoxify the body, internal organs, lymph nodes and glands. This not only engages the core and activates the energy channels, but produces an active release of dopamine post-workout.