Sweat Sessions was born from the success of founder Heather Burlison’s successful and total rehab following a debilitating back injury from yoga. The injury to her sacroiliac (SI) joint left her extremely weak, she had gained 20lbs, and was desperately searching for a way to heal. She was told she’d never practice yoga again.

Heather, a successful finance executive and Master Yoga instructor, was determined to find a path to full recovery. She saw specialist after specialist - from physical therapists to sports therapists to doctors - none of whom could help her. She ultimately hired Kobe Bryant’s chiropractor, Dr. Kenny Sheppard who identified the root of her injury: She didn’t have the strength to handle her flexibility. He referred her to John Dametto at who was trained San Diego’s renowned C.H.E.K. Training Institute, who had suffered the same injury as she had. After three years, she was fitter and stronger than ever.

Due to Heathers successful career and busy schedule, she only had time for 25 minute workouts. As they trained together, John was challenged to customize a workout program that would produce maximum results in under 30 minutes, and came up with a program for her that was just as effective as the hour-long workouts they’d been doing.

When Heather moved to Marin County in 2014, she was unable to find anything like her workouts with John, so she created her own, adding in plyometrics and calisthenics as she got stronger. This formula proved to be a gamechanger as Heather, who was at 40 years old, was in the best shape of her life, and was determined to share her fitness secrets with other busy women like her. With that, Sweat Sessions was born.