This full body, cardio workout! We crank the tunes and we hit it all! Legs, butt, core and arms. We use weights to rev the heart rate and blast the fat. We combine cardio with resistance training and use music to carry us through. You will leave sweaty, happy and all toned up.


This cardio workout focuses on hitting all the areas we want to tighten, firm and strength; Arms, glutes, and legs. We will be alternating between isolations and repetitions. It’s a kick ass class that is not to be missed.


The core work is not you standard, basic sit up routine. We will be recruiting every muscle in the body to hit the deepest layers of your core. Then we will hit your core over and over and over again. Your core will be on fire and your heart rate up. Killer core - yes please!


A sweat-dripping, fat blasting, full body, high intensity workout. We combination of weight bearing exercises and/or isolations, custom-mixed with plyometrics and calisthenics. We work it all! Think celebrity trainer workouts.