Heather Burlison is the founder of Sweat Sessions, an innovative 25-minute Functional HIIT method designed to strengthen, lengthen, and tone the female body. Before launching Sweat Sessions Heather, a Master Yoga teacher, taught yoga to elite athletes in Vail while simultaneously holding a successful career in finance. Throughout her yoga career, she trained and practiced with world renowned teacher Shiva Rae at Exhale Santa Monica, Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, and at surf retreats in Costa Rica. She also spent six months in China, teaching yoga training programs and opening various studios.

Heather moved to San Diego in 2008 she was still in finance and was teaching yoga. In 2012, while practicing yoga, Heather suffered a mysterious and severe back injury in her sacroiliac (SI) joint that no specialist was able to diagnose or treat. She gained 20 pounds and was told she’d never practice yoga again. Hellbent on finding a way to recover, she was introduced to John Dametto, one of San Diego’s top trainers who studied at San Diego’s renowned C.H.E.K. Training Institute. John had successfully rehabbed himself from the same injury and knew exactly what to do. Together, three years later, she was not only fully recovered from the injury but stronger and fitter than ever, at 40 years old.

Along Heather’s road to recovery she also began practicing yoga and life with Elena Brower, a celebrated yoga, meditation, and amazing instructor in New York City, who became her mentor in 2010.They have been practicing yoga and life together ever since. Elena has given Heather invaluable insights that she continues to practice and teach today, such as how to harness the power of yoga to connect body with mind, how to use breathwork to cultivate aliveness in the body, and how to practice the “less is more” adage in all aspects of life and how to walk through life with both power and grace.

When Heather moved to Marin County in 2014, she searched for a fitness studio that offered workouts similar to her transformational sessions with John, which consisted of Functional Movement with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and had been condensed from an hour down to 25 minutes. Unable to find anything comparable, she began creating her own routines at home.

As Heather’s physical fitness, muscle tone, and flexibility continued to improve, she introduced core strength training and began adding in elements of Kundalini yoga to promote balance and activate the energy centers. What she had created, almost by accident, was a full body workout that challenged and balanced the body and mind while producing maximum results in minimal time. Wowed by this fast, fun, hyper-effective method, she decided to share it with other busy women who wanted to become strong, increase their energy, and create a sense of overall well-being, but didn’t have the time for regular, hour-long workouts.

Heather has been featured in Yoga Journal, is on the cover of The Poetry of Yoga, was a model for Wanderlust ads, and is an ambassador for Carbon38, Alo Yoga, Hyde Yoga along with MySkeeky. When she’s not teaching Sweat Sessions or planning the next month’s workouts, she can be found hiking, cruising with her Frenchie Biggie, taking cooking classes, camping, snowboarding, listening to live music, practicing yoga, and hosting or attending wellness retreats.